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First, get the square footage of your house or the room to be cooled. Multiply the length times the room’s width, and then multiply the total by 25 BTU. That will give you a rough estimate of the cooling capacity you’ll need.

To determine the precise size, you have to consider many factors, including the climate, number and style of windows, number of house/room occupants, and the quality or amount of insulation, among many others. Ask your local, licensed HVAC tech for help to get precise measurement.

When you get a professional HVAC maintenance service, generally, the tech will evaluate the condition of the equipment and ensure all components are in their good working condition. They may clean any dirty component, calibrate the thermostat if needed, tighten loose electrical wiring, lubricate moving parts, etc.

This service helps prevent issues with your unit, which in return will make your system last longer. It will also make your unit safe to operate. 

You have several options – manual, programmable, smart, and wi-fi-enabled. The best one to use will depend on your unit, lifestyle, and preferences. Typically, older systems still in service will need a standard low voltage wire-in or wall-mounted thermostat.

If you plan to integrate your smart home with other technologies (video doorbells, security cameras, etc.), we would recommend that the primary touchpoint to your heating and cooling system be either wired or wireless. Wireless is typically more reliable and also offers the added benefit of remote connect/disconnect if necessary.