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Professional A/C Maintenance Service in Warren, NJ

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An air conditioning system’s efficiency gradually declines over time. But there’s something you can do to make your unit’s efficiency decline at a much slower rate, and that is by getting a professional, routine A/C maintenance service. 

At Supreme Heating & Air Conditioning, our team offers a professional A/C maintenance service in Warren, NJ. You can rely on our adept technicians to tune up your cooling unit and ensure it stays efficient. 

Tips To Keep Your A/C Efficient

Everyone would want to have an air conditioning unit that stays efficient throughout the years. And it’s not impossible—you just have to give your unit the proper care it needs. Below are some of the things you can do to help your unit remain efficient.

Keep the outdoor condenser unit and the area around it free from dirt and debris. 

The outdoor unit is responsible for releasing the heat that the refrigerant has absorbed from the indoor air to the outside air. If it is blocked with dirt or debris, the unit will have a hard time releasing the heated air. Worse, the air conditioning system may overheat and break down. That is why you should always clean the unit and the area around it. 

Keep the vents clean and free from any obstruction. 

An air conditioning unit has two vents—the supply vents and the return vents. The supply vent is where the conditioned air from the A/C exits. Even when something is blocking the vent or the vent is completely closed, the conditioned air will still push against it. It can create an increase in pressure which can damage your system’s components and reduce efficiency. 

Meanwhile, the problem with a blocked return vent will be insufficient airflow. Return vent is what sucks air from the room, so if it is clogged with dirt or blocked with your furniture, it won’t be able to send sufficient airflow to your unit resulting in lower system efficiency. So always keep the vents clean and don’t put anything that could block the airflow.

Don’t place any appliance that produces heat near the thermostat. 

Appliances like TV sets and video game consoles still produce heat. When you put them near the thermostat, the device may misread the temperature. The thermostat will think the room is warmer than it actually is and cause the unit to run longer than needed. 

Inspect the ductwork for leaks.

When there’s a hole/crack in the ductwork, unconditioned outside air will be pulled into the duct system while the conditioned air will be sucked out of that space. When that happens, unconditioned outside air may replace or circulate with the conditioned air. So even if your A/C unit is running, the temperature may remain uncomfortable. You may also find the air sticky and damp. To avoid this problem and many other issues from duct leaks, make sure to have the ductwork inspected by a professional. 

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Getting a professional routine A/C maintenance service in Warren, NJ is a sure-fire way to keep your air conditioning unit working at its peak efficiency. The best time to perform maintenance is before the summer season begins. But if you haven’t had your unit serviced for years, now is the time to get one. Contact us at (800) 882-5160 to schedule an appointment.