HVAC Company in Flemington, NJ Discusses the Cost of Heating System Installation

HVAC Company in Flemington, NJ Discusses the Cost of Heating System Installation

How Much Does it Cost to Install A Heating System?

Are you looking for a provider of heating installation near Flemington, NJ? Need a new heating system? The first thing most homeowners want to know is the price of the installation service.

Many things go into the cost of installing a new heating system. For this reason, precise cost estimates can be difficult to give without specific information about the project. That said, some factors could influence the price – these include:

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The Type of Heating System

Heating systems come in various types – furnaces, boilers, heat pumps, space heaters, etc. They often come with different price tags; space heaters tend to be the cheapest, while geothermal heat pumps are the most expensive. The need for ductwork can also affect the overall installation price of the heating system.

The Unit’s Capacity/Size

If you have a large property to heat, you’ll need a powerful system. And the more powerful a heating system gets, the more expensive they become. Both the upfront and the installation costs will be high.

The Unit’s Efficiency Rating

Units with higher energy-efficiency ratings are generally more expensive than those with lower ratings. Despite the cost, it’s still recommended to go for units with high-efficiency ratings because they are good for the environment and your budget. They don’t waste much fuel, which can result in savings.

The Type of Fuel Used

The type of fuel your heating system will use can have a bearing on the price. Oil, gas, and electricity are all common fuels, but propane is not as widely used. Electric heat pump systems are considered the most efficient systems.

But in areas where propane or oil are more commonly used, using an electric-type heating system will probably cost you more.

Location of The Heating System

If you are installing a new heating system, you will need to find out if its location should be considered – the condition of your existing ductwork, for example. If it needs repair or replacement, that will affect the cost.

It’s also important to consider the structural integrity of the place where you want to install a heating system. You may need to reinforce your foundation to support the weight of the unit.

Labor Involved

We’ve mentioned above that a geothermal heat pump tends to be the most expensive to install. Part of this is because the installation process itself is a bit complex and time-consuming.

Usually, the contractor has to excavate a trench that’s at least a few feet deep. The harder the job, the higher its cost.

If you want to know how much a new heating system installation costs, please fill out our form or contact us at (800) 882-5160 to get an estimate.

We also offer a heating system installation in Flemington, NJ if your heating system malfunctions at the most inconvenient time.

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