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At Supreme Heating & Air Conditioning, we understand how uncomfortable winter can make your home, and we want to help ensure you stay warm and safe all winter long. On top of our repair and maintenance services, we specialize in heating system installation in Flemington, NJ

So, if you’re looking to switch out that old water heater for something more energy-efficient or just need something to help you get through the cold winter, then it’s time to give us a call!


What are The Types of Heating Systems?

When it comes to heating, there are several different types of units available. Here are the most common type of heating systems installed in today’s residential properties:


This type of heating system warms the air and then distributes it through the vents within the building. Most furnaces use gas or oil-based fuels to operate, but they can run on electricity as well. A furnace will typically be attached to ductwork which helps feed hot air throughout the house. 

Heat Pumps

Typically used for cooling during warmer months, these units can provide heat when needed as well. They can be air-sourced or ground-sourced. The air-source heat pump is installed in pretty much the same way as your air conditioner. The ground-source heat pump installation, on the other hand, is more complex and generally costly. But the cost of operation is significantly lower than the air-sourced counterpart, so you’ll likely save more in the long run.


These types of heating systems use water to provide heat. They can be vented directly into the home or attached to a furnace unit. The boilers heat water and then send it through a series of pipes which help distribute the warmth throughout the area that needs it.

Hybrid Heating

This system uses a combination of various heating sources. For example, you might have an electric furnace and use a boiler and/or heat pump to help keep the home as warm as possible during extended cold weather periods.

Electric space heater

These heating units are often small and portable, making them perfect for localized areas within a large building. They use heating elements to burn the electricity and provide warmth. Be careful when using this type of heating system because it has been the cause of house fires in the U.S. 

Heating systems are now better than ever before! And they are quite different depending on the environment and size of the area that needs to be heated.

What’s The Best Heating System For Your Property?

In order to determine which type of heating system is best for your property, a lot of factors need to be considered. For example, you need to know the size of the house or room to be heated. You’ll also have to identify what power source is at your disposal. Efficiency also matters. So you’ll need to decide how efficient you want your system to be.

When the options become pretty overwhelming, feel free to ask for your Supreme Heating & Air Conditioning team of HVAC experts for assistance. We’ll help you find the heating system that fits your requirements and budget. We can also install it right and fast.

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