Top 6 Tips to Cool a Factory Building

Top 6 Tips to Cool a Factory Building

Just like any commercial building, your factory deserves a cool temperature for the entire cooling season. For factories that operate round the clock, heat can gradually build up with the equipment switched on for a long period, thus, causing the equipment to operate slowly while impacting the health and productivity of workers.

To meet the cooling needs of your factory, here are six (6) tips that can help you.

  • Place Fans on the Ceiling

Choose a large ceiling fan that can distribute the air evenly throughout the space. With an HVAC system working alongside the ceiling fan, it will lessen the load on the cooling system while reducing a significant percentage on the energy costs.

  • Keep the Doors and Windows Open

One way to improve the air circulation in your factory is by allowing the hot air to escape and indoor air to circulate properly. Although there is a more technical method of cooling factories, doing this is a good start.

  • Choose the Right Fan Blade

It’s not enough to mount fans on the ceiling and other parts of the building. But most importantly, you have to pick the right fan blade that’s best for space. Get a shorter fan blade for low ceiling height while choose a larger fan for a higher ceiling to handle the cooling demands.

  • Try a Zoned Cooling System

The case is that different parts of the factory might have different cooling requirements. With this, you will need to create zones and install an individual programmable thermostat for each to maximize cooling efficiency.

  • Go for a Centralized Air Conditioning

Take note that air conditioners work well in humid climates. For cooling your factory, you need to get a larger air conditioning system that will provide a precise and even temperature throughout the space at all times.

  • Seal Up the Leaks

Don’t forget to seal and repair leaks in the building. Cooling works best when conditioned air is confined indoors. Consult your trusted HVAC contractor to deal with your insulation needs to make sure that the cool air could not escape.

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