4 Reasons Why Your A/C’s Indoor Unit is Leaking Water

4 Reasons Why Your A/C’s Indoor Unit is Leaking Water

Any amount of water leakage around your air conditioning unit is a sign of an existing issue that needs immediate attention. As soon as you noticed the leaks, turn off your A/C immediately. This prevents the water from causing further damage to your system and home. Then schedule a visit from your trusted air conditioning company that offers professional A/C services in Middlesex, NJ.

Here are six (6) A/C components that need an inspection to determine the cause of the leakage.

Drain Lines

A bulk of dirt and debris in the condensate drain lines can block the passage of water. In this case, you’ll have to unclog the drain line. Although there are several unclogging methods available, the surefire way to address the issue is to through the help of professionals. Allow them to check if the drain lines are clogged or disconnected.

Air Filters

Check the air filters to know where the leaks come from. If it’s dirty and clogged, it will restrict the flow of air over the evaporator coils. Restricted airflow causes ice to form all over the coils. When it melts, the excess water will drip and leak inside the house. Clean or change your filters to encourage proper airflow and prevent potential leaks from frozen coils.

A/C Refrigerant

The same thing happens to the evaporator coils when your A/C system runs low on refrigerant. The coils freeze over due to low refrigerant levels. A hissing or bubbling sound is one indication of a refrigerant leak. Before the problem gets worse, call your trusted air conditioning company for a professional A/C service in Middlesex, NJ.

Condensate Pump

Without proper maintenance, your condensate pump might break and leak. This is true especially if your indoor A/C unit is installed in the basement. If it breaks, the drain pan will overflow, and the water will be pumped inside the house in several harmful ways. There must be an expert to help you deal with the leak and replace the pump as a permanent solution.


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