Moisture Around Your A/C Vents? Find Out the Reasons and Solutions

Moisture Around Your A/C Vents? Find Out the Reasons and Solutions

Have you noticed water spots around your A/C vents? Moisture or water forming in your air conditioner vents isn’t a normal occurrence, so, an expert evaluation is required.

Keep reading to know the causes of moisture in your vents and what to do about it.

Clogged Condensate Drain Line

Problems like clogging in the condensate line commonly happen especially for air conditioning systems that are installed in the attic or upper level of the house. Once it gets clogged, the water may overflow from the drip pan going to the air vents or ducts. One way to prevent clogging on the drain line is to check the condenser unit at all times. Make sure that the drip pan isn’t full or overflowing.

Poor Insulation in the Ductwork

Without proper insulation on the ducts, condensation or water droplets may build up within your air conditioning system and drain through the vents. Ask your trusted air conditioning company in Middlesex, NJ, to examine the ductwork, seal the gaps, and reinforce its insulation.

Refrigerant Leak

A refrigerant leak can cause your A/C vents to leak water. If your air conditioner runs low on refrigerant, the humidity in your indoor air won’t be removed properly. Any amount of moisture in the air may freeze over time, and when it melts, it will leak out of the vents. Handling refrigerant without proper training is extremely dangerous, so, be sure to contact a licensed HVAC professional to check your A/C’s refrigerant level and identify the leak.

Dirty & Clogged Air Filters

With clogged air filters, your air conditioner may turn into a large block of ice. After turning off your A/C, the ice will start to melt and drain via the air vents. Luckily, you can prevent this by simply changing the air filter regularly. Doing this allows your unit to run on its normal operation throughout the cooling season.

Roof Leak

If you’ve tried troubleshooting the problems above, but nothing happened, then the roof might be the culprit for moisture in your vents. Check the roof for leaks and other similar problems. Call an expert technician for necessary repairs.

Water spots in your vents are serious problems that need professional attention. If you need help in identifying and repairing leaks in your home, our experts at Supreme Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., can lend a hand. Contact us for your HVAC needs in Middlesex, NJ, and nearby areas.

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