Halloween Energy-Saving Tips From the Experts

Halloween Energy-Saving Tips From the Experts

Asides from the witches, ghosts, and vampires on Halloween, high energy bills might also scare you away. With all the trick-or-treat and fun activities happening on October 31st, it’s important to give attention to energy efficiency.

Check out these energy-saving tips from Supreme Heating & Air Conditioning as your guide.

Make Energy-Themed Pumpkins!

Forget about the usual lighting you use in your pumpkins. Instead, come up with some energy-themed pumpkin carvings by using LED light bulbs, solar panels, flashlights, battery-powered candles, and more. These can help you save as much 75% on your electricity bills.

Take Advantage of Outdoor Solar Lights

Help your neighbors find their way to your home for the trick-or-treat party by placing solar lighting on the passageway. Not only are they easy to install, but also energy efficient! Plus, they are virtually maintenance-free, so you don’t have to look after them every now and then.

Turn Off the Lights for a Spooky Effect

Why keep the lights on when you can turn them off to achieve a scary effect? While it saves a lot of energy, you’ll also get that spooky feeling, imagining what could be hiding in the dark areas of your home. After all, Halloween is about keeping that horror vibe—so make it double with your lights off!

Add Candles To Your Halloween Decorations!

Candles are must-have items during All Hallows’ Eve. Decorate your home with fake spider webs, ghostly skulls, and eerie Halloween candles to set up the mood. Shop for vintage candles with different sizes and lit them all on the eve of October 31st. Put candles throughout the house and let’s see if you won’t get extra savings on your energy bills by the next month.

Use the Fireplace

You might have forgotten to use the fireplace for a long time, so this is the time to put on the fire again! This may sound inconvenient to some homeowners, but for those who are after getting greater savings on energy, it would be a big help. Fire up the fireplace and forget about your furnace in the meantime.

Don’t let your electric bills give you goosebumps this All Hallows’ Eve! Follow these energy-saving hacks from our experts at Supreme Heating & Air Conditioning and become a true energy ghostbuster. For more energy efficiency tips and tricks, feel free to visit our blog page or call us today.

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