5 Benefits of Switching From Oil to Gas Heating​

5 Benefits of Switching From Oil to Gas Heating

If you are a Middlesex, NJ homeowner and searching for effective ways to save more on energy while making your home more sustainable, then you might want to consider converting to a gas heating system. This switch provides you with a more reliable and affordable home heating method.

To help you decide, here are some of the benefits of using gas as your main heating fuel source.

More Savings

Staying cozy and comfortable in the cold season doesn’t have to be costly. If you want greater savings on your energy bills, it’s a wise move to switch to gas heating. Gas is 18% cheaper than oil. In fact, it’s considered one of the most cost-effective fuels in the market today.

Lower Carbon Emissions

Gas is considered as the cleanest burning fuel. It emits 24% less carbon dioxide, making it a better choice than oil. Gas conversions lower the amount of greenhouse gas emissions from your home—thus, creating a healthier environment in the house and reducing harmful discharges to the atmosphere.

No Surprise Fuel Outages

If you want a reliable heating system, then a gas furnace is a good choice. It’s piped directly into your home for immediate use. With gas heating, you have nothing to worry about, running out of fuel or monitoring tanks and deliveries from time to time. Simply said, you’ll have a constant supply of fuel for your heating system—24 hours a day in 365 days a year.

Highly Efficient & Convenient

In terms of speed and control, you can trust a gas heating system to warm up your home more efficient and faster than electricity. As it works, it reduces the amount of energy needed to run other appliances at home. Gas heating systems work more efficiently and produce more heat than any electric or oil-based counterparts.

Low Maintenance

Not only that gas furnaces are cleaner and quieter, but they are also easier to maintain. They don’t need constant checking, making them more favorable to use than oil heating systems.

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