Causes of High Humidity in Your Home: 4 Habits to Avoid

Cause of High Humidity in Your Home: 4 HABITS TO AVOID

The level of humidity in your Middlesex, NJ home can impact your comfort, especially if it’s too high. You may ask, what causes high humidity in my home? The truth is—your habits might be causing this issue.

Check out the four (4) habits you need to stop doing to achieve the ideal indoor humidity.

Indoor Laundry Drying

Drying your clothes indoors is a big No-No! Every load of wet laundry releases moisture in the air, making it harder for you to breathe. If you have other options, it’s something that you mustn’t do—regardless of your home’s humidity conditions.

Snubbing Bad Ventilation

The quality of ventilation determines the quality of air in your home. Good ventilation means the air freely circulates throughout the house. Meanwhile, poor ventilation suggests a stale indoor air, which can lead to various problems such as mold growth. Improving your home’s ventilation allows fresh and moisture-free air that you can enjoy.

Ignoring Leaks and Rising Damp

In some cases, high humidity at home is caused by certain issues on the building itself. Leaks, porous walls, and dampness problems are a few reasons why humidity levels are rising. If neglected, mold and fungi may develop, which can damage the building as a whole. Although a dehumidifier can help, seeking professional advice is best recommended to address excess moisture.

Nursing Pro-Humidity Indoor Plants 

Do you live in an area where humidity is relatively high? Beware of the indoor plants that can make your humidity issues worse. While certain plants are good for dehumidifying your home, others, such as Monstera, Asplundia, Ginger, and Bamboo Palm can significantly increase the moisture level in your home.

Dealing with excess humidity at home can be easy by changing your habits. But to get the best results, you might need a dehumidifier and a dehumidification expert at work.

Best Quality Dehumidification Services in Middlesex, NJ

Indoor humidity can’t be controlled efficiently with your HVAC system alone. You need a high-performance dehumidification system along with professional help to precisely control your home’s moisture level and increase your comfort. With the right level of moisture, you can secure a healthy indoor environment for you and your family.

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