2 Easy Steps to Fix Uneven Cooling in a Two-Story House

2 Easy Steps to Fix Uneven Cooling in a Two-Story House

Your A/C should cool your entire home without any problem. However, for two-story houses, your central air conditioner might have difficulty in evenly cooling the ground and second floor—which may consequently cause temperature imbalance.  

Here are two easy steps to deal with uneven cooling in a two-story house:

Step 1: Look and Fix Underlying Issues

Uneven indoor temperature is the result of underlying HVAC problems that remain unsolved. Your A/C system might need some fine-tuning or a few repairs to function correctly. Check the condition of the components below to know where to start fixing.

  • Vents –Make sure the vents are free from blockages like drapes and furniture. They should be unobstructed and open at all times.
  • Fan –Check the fan if it’s set to ON. This setting is best to even out the temperature in the entire house.
  • Air Ducts –Inspect for leaks and repair them as soon as spotted. Seal cracks and gaps immediately before they get bigger.
  • Attic Insulation –Your attic should have sufficient insulation for optimal comfort and energy savings. If you think you need to add more, consult your HVAC company for the best solution.

Step 2: Use Zoning System

Over time, several factors like insufficient insulation and system’s age affect your A/C’s ability to cool your home. While you have limited control over these factors, you can have full authority over your indoor comfort through a zoned system.

Zoning is a process of dividing your home into two or more zones, so your HVAC system can consistently and evenly heat or cool your home. A zoned system works in two ways as discussed below.

  • Install Electronically-Controlled Dampers in Your Ductwork

These dampers stop or regulate the flow of cool or warm air throughout the house. They can be used to cut off heating or cooling in any unused or unoccupied room.

If you’re not comfortable with using dampers, you can opt for a ductless mini-split unit. It comes with multiple air handlers, each with an individual thermostat.

  • Install Multiple Thermostats

You need multiple thermostats for each zone to control the dampers in your ductwork system. Each A/C is also connected to a single thermostat, so everyone at home can have his/her preferred temperature setting.

Need Help Fixing Uneven Temperature in Your Middlesex, NJ Home?

Dealing with uneven home cooling requires help from professionals. Whether you need to fix an A/C component or install a residential ductless unit, our experts at Supreme Heating & Air Conditioning are always ready to help. Contact us or send us a message to schedule your appointment today.

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