5 Critical Signs That Your Furnace Filter Needs Replacement

5 Critical Signs that your Furnace Filter Needs Replacement

Filters are critical parts of your furnace that require frequent check and replacement. But how do you know when you need to change them? Watch out for these signs that signify the time to replace your furnace filters.

Your Bills Creep Up

If your bills have been cranking up, dirty and clogged filters might be the culprit. Skyrocketing bills are sure to be a sign that your filters need a replacement immediately. Monitoring your energy consumption might be hard especially with fluctuating temperatures, but your bills will definitely say it. Invest in a new air filter to get up to 15% savings on your energy bills.

You’re Getting Sick

Bad health can be associated with filthy furnace filters. As seasons change, allergies, sinus problems, and other health issues may outbreak. But, if you have become sickly and physically unstable lately after turning on your furnace, unfiltered indoor air might be the cause. Without changing your filters, your health can be compromised, and the aftermaths can be worse than expected.

You Notice a Burning Smell

Burning smell in the furnace is caused by overheating either of the blower motor or the actual filters. To prevent your furnace from overheating, it needs the right amount of air to flow through the system. Airflow only becomes restricted if the filters are clogged of dirt and debris. Thus, when you noticed a burning odor coming from the furnace, get back to your filters and replace them as soon as possible.

Less Heat, Longer Runtime

Does it take longer for your furnace to heat your home? If your furnace runs longer than normal, dirty filters might be the cause. With blocked and damaged filters, anything can go wrong including your furnace’s heating cycle, thus, requiring the system to work harder to warm up your space.

Your Home is Dustier than Before

If regular cleaning does not seem to eliminate the dirt and dust indoors, it’s because the dust only circulates inside your home through your filters. It keeps coming back because you did not get to the root of the problem. What you need to do is dispose of the old filters and install a new one. This way, you can secure a cleaner home and a healthier indoor air.

It only takes a new furnace filter to prevent these horrible situations in your Middlesex, NJ home. If you need help in finding the right filters for your furnace, call us at Supreme Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. We offer quality brands of air filters and provide reliable and affordable installation services. Contact us today!


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