5 Common Causes of Heating Repair in Middlesex, NJ

5 Common Causes of Heating Repair in Middlesex, NJ

Most heating systems fail or malfunction due to several issues. But let us tackle five (5) of the most common causes of heating repair calls in New Jersey.

  1. Inconsistent Cycling

Does your furnace cycle on and off constantly? Then you might need to see a technician for this. If this issue occurs in your heating unit, the first thing to check is the filter. Have them cleaned or replaced. Inconsistent cycling is also caused by thermostat problems that you need to check with an HVAC professional.

  1. Hot and Cold Spots

If it bothers you to feel uneven temperature indoors, it is best to consult the experts. What causes hot and cold spots in your home? Your system will not be able to work effectively in giving your desired comfort due to dust and dirt buildup. Make sure to keep your filters, coils, and ductwork clean and free from any debris. These parts of your heating system require regular cleaning and maintenance for best performance.

  1. Not Producing Warm Air

A furnace that produces no heat is an indication of many potential problems in the system. The first thing to blame is the thermostat. You need to ensure that it is set to heat. Also, it is crucial to check if the unit has overheated. If you noticed that only cold air comes out of your vents, it is safe to say that your furnace faces mechanical and electrical issues.

  1. Loud, Irritating Noise

If you start hearing clanging, banging and clicking sounds in your furnace, it is definitely time for repair. Loud and disturbing noises are red flags of possible problems with the system that need an immediate solution. There could be a few reasons behind these noises like loose bolts or screws. If not given quick attention, these sounds will cause a disturbance, especially during your rest time.

  1. Skyrocketing Bills

Do your energy bills start to overwhelm you? If your heating system continues to run abnormally, your bills may even get higher. One reason why most furnaces and other heating systems fail is due to lack of maintenance. Furnaces that are not well maintained have to work longer and harder to meet your comfort level thus, using more energy in the process.

Call Supreme When You Need Heating Repair

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