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7 Reasons Why Your Furnace Won't Ignite

You know you’re in for a chilly night when your furnace won’t ignite. But, before you reach for that extra blanket, take a few minutes to assess the situation. 

There could be any number of underlying causes for why your furnace isn’t firing up. Read on to learn about seven common culprits and how to troubleshoot them.

  1. Pilot Light Issues 

If your furnace uses a pilot light and it’s out, then you have some relighting ahead of you. Here’s a quick checklist: Is the gas valve open? Is there enough natural gas pressure? Are all connections tight? Have you checked for obstructions in the gas lines? If everything checks out, try relighting the pilot light again.

  1. Thermostat Troubles

If your thermostat is on but not working properly, it can prevent your furnace from igniting. First, make sure that all wiring is connected correctly and securely. Next, check your batteries—if they are low or dead then replace them with fresh ones. 

Lastly, if you have an older model thermostat, consider upgrading to a more modern version that’s better at regulating temperatures in your home.

  1. Blocked Vents

When airflow is restricted due to blocked vents or dirty filters, this can cause problems with your furnace’s ability to ignite and keep running throughout its cycle. Make sure all vents are clear of rugs, furniture or other items that may block airflow.  

Also clean or replace any dirty filters which will help extend the life of your system and improve its efficiency as well!

  1. Dirty Burners

Your furnace burners must stay clean in order for them to work properly. If they become dirty then they won’t be able to ignite fuel efficiently (or at all). Be sure to regularly inspect these components and clean off any dirt or debris that builds up over time. This will help ensure optimum performance from your furnace every time!

  1. Electrical Issues

Faulty wiring or loose connections can be another potential issue preventing ignition of the pilot light on some models of furnaces. Make sure all wiring is secure and properly connected before proceeding further with troubleshooting steps such as checking for obstructions in gas lines or cleaning or replacing filters etc. 

It may also be necessary to reset circuit breakers if they have been tripped due to overloads caused by anything from power surges to lightning strikes etc.. 

  1. Clogged Air Filter

 Not only does an air filter help keep dust particles away from sensitive parts inside the furnace but it can also become clogged over time. This prevents proper airflow which can lead to igniting issues as well as safety risks due to buildup of pressure within the unit itself! 

Be sure not only check or replace filters regularly but also inspect hoses/pipes leading into/out of the unit too just in case something else has caused an obstruction there instead. 

  1. Malfunctioning Ignition Switch

If nothing else seems amiss then it might just be that the ignition switch needs replacing altogether. This will require professional assistance so don’t attempt this yourself unless you really know what you’re doing – better safe than sorry after all! Be sure to call for heating repair Tewksbury NJ for the best solution. 

Knowing why your furnace won’t ignite is one thing, but knowing how best to troubleshoot it is entirely different. But don’t worry—we’ve broken down seven common causes so now you’re armed with knowledge about how best handle those cold winter nights when things don’t go according to plan! 

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