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When the temperature outside begins to drop, it’s time to think about your heating unit. Whether your heat is not working at all or it just isn’t warm enough in certain rooms of your home, you need a professional to come to assess the situation and fix the problem right away. That’s where Supreme Heating & Air Conditioning comes in!

Our highly-skilled technicians are available 24/7 to help Flemington residents and business owners with their heating repair needs. We offer same-day heating repair service in Flemington, NJ, which means no waiting for days for someone to arrive – we’ll be there as soon as possible.

Rotten Egg Smell: A Telltale Sign Your Furnace Is Leaking Natural Gas

Your gas-powered heating system is a pretty complex piece of machinery, so it’s no surprise that many people don’t even know where their gas line enters the house. This means they may not realize there’s a good chance of gas leakage until it’s too late – that is if they notice anything at all. 

Find out what you should look for and how to fix the problem before it becomes dangerous.

The Tell-Tale ‘Rotten Egg’ Smell

You can’t smell or see natural gas when it first comes out of the ground. That’s why gas companies add mercaptan to the natural gas they supply to consumers. This chemical smells like rotten eggs or skunks, so even small amounts will be noticeable.

Therefore, if you smell rotten eggs, either inside or outside your home, that’s one of the most apparent signs of a gas leak – a potentially serious problem. Don’t ignore the problem. Call the fire department and your trusted heating repair technician in Flemington, NJ immediately and leave your house. 

Note, however, that it is not only a smell that might indicate there’s a leak in your system – there are also physical warning signs. You may find discoloration on the walls near your heating unit (which could be rust), hear hissing sounds coming from your furnace, or even notice stains on carpets and floors around the area. Any of these things could indicate either a minor leak at worst or a more significant issue that requires professional assistance to fix at best.

If you spot any of these signs, turn off your gas to the entire house immediately. Better safe than sorry! If you can’t find the source of the leak right away, don’t attempt to use your furnace until a professional has investigated.

Why Is Gas Leak Dangerous?

It’s no secret that gas leaks are dangerous. Nevertheless, we’ll discuss some of the specific dangers of this heating problem and why you should address it immediately:

  • Fire and explosions: Gas is flammable. If the leak happens near an electrical line or electrical appliance, there’s the risk of fire and explosions.
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning.It’s another form of gas, but not any safer. If CO leaks, the health of anyone who has inhaled this gas can be compromised.

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