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Searching for heating repair in Bernardsville, NJ? Supreme Heating & Air Conditioning provides top-quality repair services for furnaces, boilers, and related equipment. Our team has been serving Bernardsville for many years, and we pride ourselves on providing homeowners with honest and reliable workmanship you can trust at an affordable price.

If your heating system needs repair, we’ll get to your home immediately so we can diagnose and correct the problem quickly while saving you money. And once the job is done, we clean up any mess that may have been left behind, so there will be no sign that we ever came. You’ll have a clean, safe and comfortable home just the way you like it.

Reasons Your Heating System Is Blowing Cold Air

Is your heating system blowing cold air? Don’t panic because this does not necessarily mean a need for replacement. It can happen due to the following reasons:

  1. A dirty filter –If you haven’t replaced your old, clogged air filter with a new, clean one yet, the airflow will be restricted, causing your system to overheat and work overtime. Overheating may be the reason why some of your rooms are warmer then the rest. So make sure your filters are kept clean and replaced when needed.
  2. Faulty thermostat – If your heating system comes with a thermostat, you should check it for issuesafter a few months since the installation. There may be problems with the wiring or batteries that caused the unit not to function as it is supposed to. It’s also possible that someone has changed the thermostat’s settings; that’s why the furnace isn’t heating your home.
  3. Low gas supply – If your heating system is using natural gas to heat your home and it seems like your indoor space isn’t warming up even after turning the equipment on, there’s probably an issue with the amount of gas supply. Our heating repair team in Bernardsville, NJcan help you fix the problem.
  4. Clogged condensate line –This issue prevents your heating system from igniting, so only cold air will be coming from the vents. It’s also possible that there’s an issue with the condensate drain line. Either way, a professional heating repair technician in Bernardsville, NJ will be able to pinpoint and fix the problem.
  5. Pilot light issues –A pilot light keeps heating systems running. In older units, the pilot light can have problems like not lighting upor staying lit. There could be many reasons behind these pilot light problems so it’s best to contact an HVAC professional for a professional diagnosis and reliable solution. 

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Don’t put off scheduling heating repair in Bernardsville, NJ any longer. As soon as you notice an issue with your heating unit, call Supreme Heating & Air Conditioning. Our licensed and certified technicians are always ready to help get your heat back up and running in no time.

Our technicians service heating systems of different makes and models and can handle repair jobs of any type and size. So, feel free to get in touch if you have any concerns with your unit. We also provide emergency services if needed, so don’t hesitate to give us a call even during odd hours of the day.

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