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Heating maintenance ensures your heating system stays efficient, minimizes the risks of breakdowns, prevents costly repairs, lowers your energy bills, and extends the service life of your unit. So, schedule one today with Supreme Heating & Air Conditioning and reap all the benefits of professional heating maintenance in Bernardsville, NJ.

Safety With Heating System: Tips To Keep Your Equipment, Yourself & Your Loved Ones Safe

According to the National Fire Protection Association, heating is the second leading cause of residential fires and the third leading cause of residential fire deaths. Since 2014, home fires have already claimed the lives of more than 500 civilians and caused over a billion worth of property damage.

Fire isn’t the only danger that a malfunctioning heating system brings. It can also cause carbon monoxide poisoning and electrical shocks, to mention a few.

That’s why it’s crucial to be careful when operating a heating system. Below we will share tips to keep your heat safe to operate.

1. Regularly Check Your Thermostat

Falsely switching the thermostat to a higher temperature when you’re out of your home can result in damage to your heating system. It is recommended to keep it in check, and usually setting it at around 68 degrees Fahrenheit is enough for most homes.

2. Never Forget To Shut Off The Propane Tank

A simple oversight can turn into a significant fire hazard or an emergency if the gas goes up in flames while you are sleeping or away from home, which is why it’s so important to shut off the propane tank before leaving your house for extended periods of time. It should also be turned off after every use so that no one else inadvertently takes a flame to it.

3. Check Your Chimney Regularly

As we mentioned, a fireplace is one of the leading causes of fires and carbon monoxide poisoning in homes throughout America. That’s why you should check your chimney flue at least once a year to ensure that there are no obstructions before operating your fireplace and other heating appliances. 

Also, make sure the chimney is open and clear when using the heating system so that dangerous gasses don’t enter the house. For added safety, install a carbon monoxide detector inside every room where you may be using a fuel-burning appliance.

4. Check For Leaks, Not Just When You Get Your Heating Bill

You likely check for leaks when your utility bills turn higher than usual. But you should perform this task more often to ensure safety. Check your heating system for air or water leaks. Water leaks can be dangerous, especially if the water drips near an electric outlet.

5. Keep Your Heating System In Tip-Top Shape

The best way to keep your heating system in tip-top shape is by scheduling a routine annual heating maintenance in Bernardsville, NJ. During the annual inspection, all components of the heating systems are inspected for any minor or major problems or malfunctions. A well-maintained heating system is a safe heating system. 

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