How to Save Your Energy Bills in the Cold Months

How to Save Your Energy Bills in the Cold Months

The year has gone by too quickly. It won’t be long till we start hearing Christmas songs over the radio and begin using our heaters in our homes. With that in mind, your energy bills will probably skyrocket as you use your heating system as often as needed. But, is your budget ready?

You can lessen your worries with our easy steps on how to save your energy bills in the cold months.

Open Your Windows for the Sun.

You should make the most out of the Earth’s natural source of heat. Open your drapes, blinds, or curtains and allow the sunshine to pour into your home. By making use of the natural heat, you’ll decrease the amount of energy needed to warm your home in the cold weather.

Make Sure to Check Your Fireplace.

A cozy fireplace can be the culprit for high energy costs without you knowing it. You have to do a thorough cleaning and check if any heat is escaping. If there is, you can reduce heat loss by sealing your chimney. You’ll also need to remember that if you have both a fireplace and heating system in your house, you should avoid running them at the same time.

Use Your Ceiling Fans to Your Advantage.

Did you know that using ceiling fans strategically helps achieve better airflow? Counter-clockwise will push the hot air up in the summer, while clockwise will trap the heat inside to keep your rooms warmer during the cold months. You can turn your ceiling fan on a low setting to lightly push the hot air back down.

Inspect Your Home’s Insulation.

It’s not that hard to look at the most obvious culprits for your home’s energy use. Some of those are windows, doors, and thermostats. However, did you check what’s behind the walls? How about the attic? You’ll also need to check if your home’s walls, ceilings, and floors could use a boost as well.

Unplug Your Electronics When Not in Use.

Table lamps still use energy even if they’re not turned on. Not to mention your television and cell phone charger can also amount to an extremely significant increase in energy usage if these are left continuously plugged in. That’s why you shouldn’t forget to unplug your electronics if you’re not using them so that your energy bill doesn’t increase too much.

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