Best Thermostat Setting for Summer

Best Thermostat Setting for Summer

It takes both your air conditioner and thermostat to cope with the warm and uncomfortable weather this summer. For many homeowners in Middlesex, NJ, comfort means running their A/C unit all day and turning their thermostat to the lowest level. But, things do not work this way.

The question is: what temperature should you set your A/C thermostat this hot season? Read and learn.

Setting your thermostat is not as easy as you think. A degree higher or lower than the recommended setting can affect your home’s comfort. So here’s how you will stay comfortable indoors with these thermostat guidelines.

Thermostat Setting: When at Home

Staying cool at home and cutting down your energy costs is as simple as one, two and three. The U.S Department of Energy stated that thermostats work best during summer when set at 78 degrees F (26 degrees Celsius). This fits if you are at home regardless of the number of persons occupying the space. Keeping your thermostat at this setting prevents you from spending too much on your electric bill.

Thermostat Setting: When You’re Out

While it’s a need to keep your home cool when you are in, you can make some changes to the temperature when you are away. Your house can be a bit warmer than it used to be when you are out for work, shopping or any outdoor activities. Simply turn up your thermostat by 7 to 10 degrees F before leaving home. This saves as much as 10% of your cooling expenses on a monthly basis.

How a Programmable Thermostat Can Help

Changing the temperature manually every time you go in and out of the house can be daunting. You will need extra effort and time to do that. But with a smart thermostat, setting the temperature is a lot easier and quicker in just a tap or click on your mobile device. It allows you to set varying temperatures for an entire day as you wish. To harness the full benefits of programmable thermostats, it is important to understand your home requirements and your system.

You do not have to take a wild guess on which thermostat setting is best for comfort and energy savings throughout the summer season. We at Supreme Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. can help you maximize your cooling efforts at home. For the right thermostat setting, take it from our experts and you will never go wrong. Contact us now!

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