6 Must-Know Commercial Building Maintenance Tips This Winter

6 Must-Know Commercial Building Maintenance Tips This Winter

The cold season can bring a series of unique challenges not only for homeowners but also for commercial owners in Middlesex, NJ. Winter-proof your commercial property and your HVAC system with these easy and effective tips from Supreme Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.

Check the Building’s Insulation

Your building’s pipes may burst with freezing temperatures. Thus, you need to ensure that your plumbing system is well insulated. Examine the irrigation system, exterior faucets, and drain hoses. Your commercial building requires adequate insulation to keep you and your customers warm during the winter. Commercial insulation also makes energy bills less expensive.

Inspect Your Heating Systems

Checking and maintaining your heating system should be one of your to-do lists during the cold season. Be sure to have it inspected, cleaned and serviced by professionals. Check for damage or worn-out parts and carbon monoxide leaks. Change filters if needed.

Attune the Thermostats

Maintaining the right thermostat settings can keep your heating system operating efficiently throughout the frosty season. Lower your thermostat temperature as experts suggest. It will keep everyone in the building comfortable and cozy while reducing your energy bills.

Seal the Gaps in Windows and Doors

Do not let the cold enter your building or allow the warm air to escape. Examine your doors and windows and seal gaps between the frames and exterior walls. Keep an eye on air leaks on all exits and entryways in the building.

Pick Quality Entrance Mats

Based on studies, 80% of dirt found in commercial buildings and offices was traced to people’s shoes. A simple way to fix this issue is to invest in good, rubberized entrance mats. They should give a little grip on the shoes to prevent the dirt and dust from getting into the building while limiting slip hazards.

Examine Roof and Gutters

Repair loose shingles. Make sure to remove dirt and debris that collected on the roofs to avoid the drains from getting clogged. Check your roof’s insulation and add more if necessary to prevent heat loss.

Commercial and Industrial Facility Maintenance in Middlesex, NJ

This winter, it is necessary to know what needs to be done on your commercial office building to keep it from the harsh effects of the cold weather. Our certified and experienced team at Supreme Heating & Air Conditioning can keep your building safe and comfortable for all seasons. Call us to schedule an appointment.

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