2020 Is Coming—Do You Need to Replace Your A/C Unit?

2020 Is Coming—Do You Need to Replace Your A/C Unit?

As 2020 comes close, you might be thinking about replacing your air conditioning unit for the cooling months. But wait, is system replacement the best option for residential A/C owners this new year? Read more to learn!

Signs You Need a New Air Conditioning System

As you anticipate the summer in 2020, you might also need to look at how your cooling system is doing. Take a look at these common signs to know when you need your system replaced.

  • Lack of Cool Air

There’s a high possibility that your unit is no longer working efficiently if there’s no cool air coming out of it when turned on. The issue could be a result of clogging in the air filters or ductwork. Have it checked by the pros for proper solutions.

  • Strange Smell and Sounds

If your A/C has become noisier and fouler than it used to be, it’s a sure-fire sign that a serious problem is taking place in your system. Ideally, your cooling system should operate at a sound level that’s almost undetectable. Moreover, it should be putting out neutral-smelling air. But if an irreparable issue exists, you know it’s time for a replacement.

  • Repair Costs More Than Replacement

If repairs would cover a big amount of a new system, replacement would be a wiser choice. You’ll get greater savings with a new A/C in the long run.

  • Sudden Increase in Electric Bills

Have your energy bills suddenly gone up? Any changes in your utility bills could have something to do with an A/C system that’s working harder and longer than normal. Upgrading to a new system can reduce your cooling bills for years.

If your cooling system is no longer working efficiently, it’s best to replace it. Modern air conditioners are far more energy-efficient and environment-friendly. This is why many homeowners opt for replacing older systems than retrofitting them because it secures long-term comfort and savings.

Trust Supreme Heating & Air Conditioning for Your Cooling Woes!

When you’re having a hard time deciding whether to replace your unit or not, you can depend on our A/C specialists for expert advice and recommendations. We’ll assess your existing system and determine the best option that fits your needs and budget.

We are a York-Certified dealer, so if ever you need a new air conditioning unit in Middlesex, NJ, we offer great yet affordable options that you deserve. Contact us for more information!

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