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Are you having trouble sleeping at night because of a noisy A/C unit? Well, this may be an indication that something’s wrong with your equipment. If so, it’s necessary to immediately call for A/C repair in Bernardsville, NJ to prevent further damage.

At Supreme Heating & Air Conditioning, we will promptly address your problem and get your A/C unit operating smoothly again. You can count on us whenever your air conditioner acts up at any time of the day.

Why Is My A/C Unit Too Noisy?

The summertime heat can already be uncomforting. But if you add something else that’s irritating, such as a too loud A/C unit, things may get frustrating. To help you understand the reason for a noisy A/C unit, we’ve compiled a list for you. Read on to learn more!  

Your A/C’s motor lacks lubrication

A brand new air conditioner doesn’t require lubrication on its motor. However, in the case of older A/C units, this is quite the opposite. Lubricating your A/C isn’t an easy DIY task. It’s best to ask assistance from the pros or have them do the job instead for the best results.  

Air conditioners have high voltages and should only be handled by a professional A/C repair technician to prevent possible injury.

Clogged outdoor unit

The outdoor unit, also called the condenser unit, is prone to clogging by different substances, such as debris, dust, leaves, twigs, etc. If you fail to have regular A/C maintenance service, this may result in unusual sound productions.

It would help if you also hosed them down with water regularly. Remember to turn off your A/C unit first before spraying it with water.

You may have an oversized A/C unit

If you have just had your A/C unit installed, and it has always been loud from the very start, you may have an oversized A/C unit. To help you identify if you have too big cooling equipment, we’ve listed some indications.

  • Short cycles.Normal cycling of the A/C unit happens right after turning it on. Its cycle will end after it reaches the temperature you’ve set on the thermostat, and at that point, the unit will automatically turn off.

However, if you have an oversized A/C unit, it will probably cool down your space faster, resulting in your unit shutting off within minutes.

  • You have a high humidity level.An oversized A/C unit will suffer from short cycles. When this happens, the condensation from the humidity drips from the A/C coils into a drip pan, leaving the water to stay for long periods, resulting in a more humid feeling.
  • Costly energy bills.If your utility bills are higher than they should, then it means you have an oversized A/C unit.
  • Uneven home cooling.Since an oversized A/C unit is regularly short-cycling, the most distant places away from the thermostat will heat up more quickly than others.

Sloppy ductwork

Your air ducts will produce odd sounds when installed badly or if the ducts are not suitable for your A/C unit.

In addition, sloppy ductwork may also lead to dust and dirt build-up and even duct leaks. In this case, it will lead your A/C unit to run harder than it should, resulting in increased electricity bills.

It’s time to install a new unit!

Your A/C unit should last for a very long time. You can even prolong your unit’s life with good and regular maintenance service. However, if you barely have it serviced, it may lead to frequent repair needs. And the loud sounds may be an indication that it’s time for a system upgrade.

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